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Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Service & Maintenance

Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Analyzer Service and Maintenance | Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Repair, Emergency Onsite Service, and Annual Preventative Maintenance Programs for Your Lab

For service and maintenance of your Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Analyzer including repair, break fix, emergency onsite service and annual maintenance throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, count on Diamond Diagnostics

Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Analyzer service, maintenance, repair, and parts replacement are offered to laboratories throughout the United States, Canada and the European Union with several service, maintenance and refurbishment options to make the ongoing maintenance, service, or acquisition of refurbished Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Analyzers seamless. Our plans also offer coverage for other existing Abbott instrumentation models in your laboratory, and will provide for more cost-effective maintenance, service and repair costs than you are currently experiencing. For Abbott analyzer service and maintenance, whether for your Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Analyzers or other models, count on Diamond Diagnostics, for over 25 years, a global leader in lab equipment supply and service.

How Can We Help You?


Our Service Plans Include Industry Leading Response Times & Much More | Protect Your Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Analyzer, and Your Lab, From Extended Downtime

Our service and maintenance plans offer next business day, to one business day response onsite, which are some of the quickest response times industry wide. Standard onsite responses typically range from 1 business day to 3+

Priority phone support provided by engineers with training and experience with your specific analyzer(s). A large percentage of service events can be resolved with the priority phone support provided with your service plan

Industry leading preventative maintenance programs from the world's leader in Abbott analyzer repair and refurbishment including the Cell Dyn 1800.

Minimize lab device and service downtime

Maintain Compliancy

Service and maintain your entire estate with a single service provider

Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Service, Maintenance, & Field Service

All Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Analyzers sold by Diamond Diagnostics, or Abbott Cell Dyn 1800's qualified by Diamond Diagnostics are eligible for Field Service coverage. Diamond Diagnostic Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 service and maintenance plans are the best way to maximize your instrument investment, extend the useful life of your analyzers and lab equipment, and reduce the high costs associated with instrument failure. Our service and maintenance plans are designed to support optimum instrument performance, ensure reproducible results, and minimize down-time. Our Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 service, maintenance and repair plans provide a timely response from our dedicated engineers who are certified on an ongoing basis to ensure industry leading service efficiency and quality, even for the most demanding and complex laboratory environments.

Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Maintenance, & Field Service Options

Preventive Maintenance for Your Abbott Analyzers

For the laboratory looking to manage Abbott manufacturer recommended preventative maintenance (PM) schedules for Abbott analyzers and instrumentation at a fixed cost, the Abbott analyzer PM Service Plan will increase the reliability of your in-service Abbott analyzers and reduce the risks and costs of unplanned maintenance and equipment downtime. Our maintenance and service plans are scheduled and planned around your Cell Dyn 1800 operational needs.

Abbott Analyzer Depot Maintenance and Repair Service | Depot Service, Maintenance and Repair for Your Cell Dyn 1800

Our depot service for Abbott analyzers is designed to reduce costs for Abbott analyzer and instrumentation maintenance and service, while providing the most efficient process for minimizing planned downtime and disruption in the lab. For the laboratory looking to maximize the life of their Abbott analyzers and instrumentation, while effectively managing repair costs, our depot service and scheduled maintenance plans are the perfect choice. Abbott depot repair is a per diem service, maintenance and repair plan designed for any size Abbott instrument needing major repair, top-down refurbishment, or proper recycling with chain of custody.

Abbott Analyzer Depot Maintenance and Repair Service | Annual Depot Repair Service Plans to Cover Your Cell Dyn 1800 and Other Equipment

For the laboratory looking to maximize the life of their Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Analyzers and instrumentation while effectively managing service, maintenance and repair costs the Annual Depot Maintenance & Repair service agreement is an optimal choice. Diamond Diagnostic's annual based service and maintenance plan is designed for small to mid-sized instruments needing maintenance or repairs that can be easily shipped by your local carrier to one of our depot service facilities globally.

Phone Support | Maintenance, Service and Repair Support for Your Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Analyzer

For the laboratory employing qualified service professionals capable of being the hands on the ground during the maintenance, servicing or repair of your Abbott Cell Dyn 1800, the Virtual Plan may be a suitable choice to replace failed parts or to supplement Field Services. The Virtual plan offers clients support by email and telephone, within business hours, with communication directly with our Clinical Engineering staff that specializes in the Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 product line.

Abbott Service and Maintenance Plan Matrix for Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 Analyzers and Other Abbott Lab Analyzers | Which Service Plan is Right for You?

Service OptionsPlatinumDiamondGoldBronzeDepotLaborPer DiemTravelPer VisitService PartsIncident TrackingResponse TimeNext DayNext Business DayNext Business DayFirst Available2 Business Days*Phone SupportMon-Sun 0-24Mon-Sun 0-24Mon-Fri 8-5Remote SupportHoliday SupportPreventive MaintenancePeripheral SupportComplimentary LoanerRelocationRecommissionDecommisionDecontaminationTrainingAssay ProgrammingIQ/OQ Validation

: Included

: Chargeable

: None

We Offer Maintenance for Not Only Abbott Analyzers, But for Dozens of Other Manufacturers as Well

Let us know what your service needs are, and we will have someone call you promptly to discuss how we can help reduce your service costs, reduce uptime and minimize business risk due to unplanned failures

Inquire Today for Abbott Analyzer Service and Maintenance Including Plans for Your Cell Dyn 1800 Analyzer

When it comes to Abbott analyzers and lab equipment and their ongoing service and maintenance requirements, look to the industry leader Diamond Diagnostics for onsite service and maintenance, depot repair and refurbishment, as well as parts replacement throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. For over 25 years Diamond Diagnostics has been outshining the competition for lab equipment services and is looking forward to assisting you in maintaining your Abbott Cell Dyn 1800 as well as other Abbott lab equipment to reduce your annual equipment maintenance budgets and minimize risk from unplanned equipment downtime. Call +1 (508) 429-0450

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