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Diamond Diagnostics is the pioneer and clear global leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality, cost-effective alternative consumables for Beckman.

High Quality Alternative
Direct, Drop-in Replacement Products
2-3 Years Expiration on all Reagents
FDA 510k Cleared, ISO Certified, CE Marked
Bulk and OEM Options Available

FDA ISO CE FDA 510k Cleared, ISO Certified, CE Marked

Reagents & Controls
  Diamond No.  Product Description  
  BK-467915D  ISE Buffer
  BK-467935D  ISE Reference
  BK-472481D  CO2 Acid Reagent
  BK-472515D  CO2 Alkaline Reagent
  BK-472482D  BUN Reagent
  BK-472500D  Glucose Reagent
  BK-472525D  Creatinine Reagent
  BK-467868D  Phosphorous Reagent
  BK-467858D  Albumin Reagent
  BK-465986D  Total Protein Reagent
  BK-445865D  Wash Concentrate II
Electrodes & Accessories
  Diamond No.  Product Description  
  BK-668295D  Na+ Electrode
  BK-669114D  K+ Electrode
  BK-669115D  K+ Body Electrode
  BK-669117D  K+ Tip Electrode
  BK-467769D  Ca++ Electrode
  BK-441930D  Cl- Electrode
  BK-660318D  CO2 Electrode
  BK-661750D  CO2 Membrane
  BK-651940D  BUN Electrode
  BK-469499D  Glucose Electrode
  BK-670597D  Glucose Electrode Membrane

∞ For further information contact Customer Service - CS@diamonddiagnostics.com or call (508) 429-0450.
∞ Pricing subject to change without notice. Minimum order is $50.

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