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Factory Refurbished

Upgrading or Adding Equipment to your lab?

Save up to 70% with refurbished equipment from Abbott, Alfa Wasserman, Beckman, Biomerieux, Biotechnia, Hitachi, Horiba ABX, IL, J&J, Radiometer, Randox, Roche, Siemens, Stago, Sysmex, Thermo and Tosoh.

Diamond is the only US FDA registered, ISO Certified and Down-To-Frame® refurbisher of Chemistry, Immunology, Hematology, Caogulation and Blood Gas equipment. Inquire today for pricing and Details.


Every analyzer undergoes a systemized, rigorous and unique Down-To-Frame® Refurbishment process to rebuild each analyzer to its original specification and intended use.

  • Disassembly & Decommission
    • System decommisioned from laboratory and decontaminated
    • Preliminary inspection to functionality
    • System disassembled Down-To-Frame®
  • Aesthetics
    • All outer covers, chasis and internal surface stripped, sand blasted and prepared for painting
    • All prepared surfaces primed and painted with 3 part compound, color matched automotive quality paint
    • All original logos and signage are replaced in original appearance
  • Refurbishment and Reassembly
    • All mechanical, pneumatic, electronic assemblies disassembled, cleaned, restored, verified and reassembled, replaced where needed
    • Disposable components replaced with new components
    • New components include: tubing, fittings, syringes, seals, check valves, probes, reagent lines, waste assemblies and similar items
    • System completely reassembled into its original condition in accordance to protocol and established specifications
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
    • Assembly Functions & System Errors assessed, troubleshooting and repair conducted
    • Full system diagnostic testing conducted
    • System successfully calibrated with certified calibrator materials to ensure proper functionality
  • Performace Validation
    • Rigorous Multi-Level Quality Control tetsing conducted on established parameters using certified control materials
    • Specific parameter testing available upon request
    • System checked for power stability, software revisions and other upgrades
  • Final Packing
    • Required peripherals for operations refurbished or provided new as needed
    • System properly flushed, drained, protected and prepared for storage
    • System professionally crated with heat-treated and non-coniferous wood for international transit
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