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Contract Refurbishing

With 20 years of manufacturing experience, Diamond Diagnostics provides contract refurbishing and manufacturing services to many small and large companies around the world. Our world class facilities in strategic locations, our experienced Clinical Engineering and Support staff and history with over 20,000 placements worldwide, make us uniquely capable of offering an unsurpassed quality, cost-effective, reliable and strictly confidential option to either create, supplement or replace refurbishing operations for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Key benefits offered by Diamond Diagnostics include:

  • Conformance to FDA, EU and ISO Quality Standards
  • Vertically Integrated Facilities
  • DMR/DHR adapted to OEM specification
  • Record Retention minimum 5 years
  • Single or Multi-Tier QA/QC options available
  • Multiple Inventory Consignment / Warehouse options
  • Batch or Individual Delivery options available
  • Corrective Action / Enhancement Cooperatives
  • On-Site crating and World-Wide Shipping options available
  • Conformity Audits as Needed

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