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The Refurbishment Process

Every analyzer undergoes a systemized, rigorous and unique Down-To-Frame® Refurbishment process to rebuild each analyzer to its original specification and intended use. Please rollover each step below, to highlight each stage of the process.

The Process Step by Step

Highlight each step below to see each stage:

Medical equipment disassembly
Medical equipment aesthetics repair
Medical equipment work
Medical equipment diagnostics troubleshooting
Medical equipment performance validation
Medical equipment packaging and shipment

Disassembly & Decommission

♦ System decommissioned from laboratory and decontaminated

♦ Preliminary inspection of functionality

♦ System disassembled Down-To-Frame®

Aesthetic Restoration

♦ All outer covers, chassis and internal surfaces stripped, sand blasted and prepared for painting

♦ All prepared surfaces primed and painted with 3 part compound, color matched automotive quality paint

♦ All original logos and signage are replaced in original appearance

Refurbishment & Reassembly

♦ All mechanical, pneumatic, electronic assemblies disassembled, cleaned, restored, verified and reassembled, replaced where needed

♦ Disposable components replaced with new components

♦ New components include: tubing, fittings, syringes, seals, check valves, probes, reagent lines, waste assemblies and similar items

♦ System completely reassembled into its original condition in accordance to protocol and established specifications

Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

♦ Assembly Functions & System errors assessed, troubleshooting and repair conducted

♦ Full system diagnostic testing conducted

♦ System successfully calibrated with certified calibrator materials to ensure proper functionality

Performance Validation

♦ Rigorous Multi-Level Quality Control testing conducted on established parameters using certified control material

♦ Specific parameter testing available upon request

♦ System checked for power stability, software revisions and other upgrades

Final Packing

♦ Required peripherals for operation refurbished or provided new as needed

♦ System properly flushed, drained, protected and prepared for storage

♦ System professionally crated with heat-treated and non-coniferous wood for international transit

The Organization

Diamond Diagnostics is a vertically integrated refurbishing company specializing in Blood Gas, Electrolyte, Chemistry, Immunology, Hematology and Coagulation. We are recognized as the largest volume, high quality refurbishing facility in the United States.

  • Registered and currently compliant with US Food and Drug Administration
  • All instrumentation is CE marked for circulation within the European Union
  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 were achieved in 2005.
  • All departments operate under strict compliance with cGMP and ISO standards
  • More than 1200 systems refurbished annually
  • All facets of the refurbishing process are conducted on site

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