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Refurbished Equipment Considerations

The following outlines answers to queries commonly asked by our clients preparing to purchase instrumentation:

Gold Field Service

The most popular plan available to laboratories, The Gold plan provides coverage for your instrumentation with full labor, travel and material costs included to keep your system operational. Support is delivered within 1 business day during normal business hours, Monday – Friday. Gold offers a balance of the needed support with a reasonable and fixed cost structure.

Silver Field Service

For the laboratory looking to have the flexibility of superior service without the commitment to a full year service plan, the Silver plan is the appropriate choice. Silver allows the client to pay a reduced hourly rate with support guaranteed within 1 business day. Travel costs are fixed and the client is responsible for any material costs incurred.

Bronze Field Service

For the laboratory unable to commit but looking for continuous support, the Bronze plan is the appropriate choice. The Bronze plan provides ultimate flexibility without the commitment. The client pays a standardized hourly rate with support provided within 2 business days. Travel costs are fixed and the client is responsible for any material costs incurred.

Preventative Maintenance

For the laboratory looking to manage manufacture recommended preventative maintenance (PM) schedules for instrumentation at a fixed cost. The PM Service Plan will increase the reliability and reduce the risk and costs of unplanned maintenance and equipment downtime. Our plans are scheduled and planned around your specific instrument and operational needs.

Depot Service, Type 1

For the laboratory looking to maximize the life of their instrumentation while effectively managing repair costs. The Depot Repair is a per diem plan designed for any size instrument needing major repair, complete rebuild or recycling.

Depot Service, Type 2

For the laboratory looking to maximize the life of their instrumentation while effectively managing repair costs. Annual Depot Repair is an annual based plan designed for small to mid-sized instruments needing maintenance or repairs and can be easily shipped by your local carrier to our Depot Service Facility in Holliston, MA.

Phone Support

For the laboratory employing qualified service professionals, the Virtual Plan may be a suitable choice to replace or supplement Field Services. The Virtual plan offers its customers support by email and telephone, within business hours with communication directly with Clinical Engineering staff specialized in the model of instrumentation that the laboratory is utilizing. The Virtual Plan is annual.


Diamond Diagnostics was founded in 1996 and has sold over 20,000 refurbished systems in over 100 countries worldwide. Diamond operates under strict quality systems established by our annual certification to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 standards. Diamond also is fully registered and audited by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All instrumentation is CE marked for distribution into the European Union. When comparing suppliers, ensure that your supplier has full and current ISO certification in both ISO9001, ISO13485 and registration with the FDA.

Refurbishment Process

Diamond Diagnostics instrumentation is well respected worldwide due to its Down-To-Frame® program which consists of an elaborate process including a complete disassembly of the unit to allow the chassis and all surfaces to be brought into a virtually new condition. All assemblies are completely rebuilt with all worn and high wear parts replaced. Complete validation of functionality is performed including diagnostics, calibration and quality control verification to Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications. This process assures the original intended use of the instrument is met.


All units sold by Diamond Diagnostics require an installation by Diamond Diagnostics personnel. Dependent on the complexity of the instrumentation purchased and the physical location of your facility, Diamond shall calculate an installation rate which will be inclusive of travel costs. Installation time can range from 4 hours to 3 business days. Installation includes structural review, power connection and commission, routine diagnostics and alignment, calibration and quality control verification run in 5-10 replicates dependent on the instrument type. Dependent on the type of analyzer, 2-6 assays are used for this purpose. Following this a brief overview is conducted to include a general review of menu structure, power on/off, instruction to run samples and quality controls, installation of a reagent and a physical orientation of instrument. Installation does not cover LIS interface. More in-depth training is available at an additional cost. Installation scheduling is not arranged until the unit arrives at your facility.


Consumables including reagents, calibrators, controls, disposable plastics and like items will be required to operate your system. It is your responsibility to supply these for the installation and for future use. Consumables are most often available through nationwide distributors such as Thermo Fisher, Physician Sales & Service, Laboratory Supply Company and Henry Schein. Diamond is more than happy to assist in connecting you with the consumables supplier of your choice and can also provide consumables directly for the purposes of installation. Consumables are not covered under the warranty of Diamond Diagnostics.


Diamond warranty covers the replacement of any parts deemed defective within the 180 day period following installation. Warranty claims are fulfilled to authorized service professionals. The return of defective items to Diamond at your cost may be a condition for the replacement. Labor and travel for service after installation is completed is not covered under the warranty of Diamond Diagnostics.


In order to provide the best service with an attractive price, Diamond has chosen to focus on being a provider of refurbished instrumentation and does not engage in field service. Due to the complexity of medical devices, we require our customers to engage a professionally trained field service provider. It is highly recommended that this provider be present at the time of installation, and it is required that claims be initiated through this provider. Diamond is able to connect you with a service provider of your choice once you have decided to purchase instrumentation.


For the customer that desires training with more content, Diamond offers an 8 hour on-site training session which supplements and follows the Installation. The session will include a Full Instrument Orientation, Full Menu Orientation, Instruction on adding parameters, sequential testing, preventive maintenance and operator level service troubleshooting. The session will include a 1 hour open question/answer session to gain familiarity to topics not yet covered.

Assay Programming

While many reagent suppliers are able to provide reagent application services, Diamond offers services to assist with programming assays beyond the assays programmed and verified during installation. In each 8 hour on-site programming day, Diamond will program the system, install reagents, perform calibration and perform quality control in 2 levels for a minimum of 15 assays for Chemistry and Coagulation systems and 20 assays for Immunology systems. Assay programming must be done immediately following installation.

L.I.S. Interface

Most laboratories connect their instrument to a Laboratory Information system. Most instrumentation has capability to export relevant patient and test data to LIS systems. Diamond ensures that instrument capability is present at time of installation but does not warrant how the data is imported into the LIS system. This is a responsibility of the LIS Provider. It is highly recommended that the LIS provider be on site during the installation.

Facility Requirements

Dependent on the size, type and origin of the instrumentation being purchased, your lab may require facility enhancements or modifications including but not limited to 110 or 220v power outlets, de-ionized water supply, drainage and appropriate space to ventilate and maneuver.


Diamond quotations include a standard 7 day shipping method to your facility but can offer expedited services based on your needs.

Timeline Expectations

Due to the nature of the refurbished instrument supply, manufacturing and procurement varies by model and manufacturer. Once a unit has been procured, a general timeline of 6 weeks of manufacturing applies. Installation generally occurs 3 weeks after manufacturing is complete.

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