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Letter of Credit Instructions

Dear Valued Customer:

Below are instructions provided to avoid any delays in processing and shipping your order, and must be followed precisely.

Failure to comply with this format will result in unnecessary delays of your shipment and potentially a complete rejection of your Letter of Credit. The dates for latest ship and expiration are not an indication of our ability to provide product in a timely fashion. Dates are merely installed as a safety precaution to avoid shipment delays and expense of additional amendments.
Please do not shorten the dates.

Please issue an irrevocable documentary letter of credit (subject to UCP 500) by cable with the following terms and conditions:

Credit is to be directly advised to:Bank of America - Trade Services Department
One Fleet Way, Scranton, PA  18507

Beneficiary:Diamond Diagnostics Inc.
333 Fiske Street, Holliston, MA 01746
Account No. 000054239887 Bank ABA Routing No. 026009593

Amount:USD as per Proforma Invoice
Payment Terms:30 Days AWB 
Bank Charges:Inside & Outside Country of Applicant to be charged to applicant
Drawee Bank:Drafts Drawn on Bank of America, Charlotte, NC
Tenor:See Other Terms
Latest Shipment:90 days from date of L/C issuance 
Expiration Date:120 days from date of L/C issuance 
Presentation:Documents must be presented no later than 21days from AWB
Partial Shipments:Permitted
Transshipment:Not Permitted
3rd Party Documents:Not Applicable

Merchandise:Instruments per Proforma Invoice 

Shipping Terms:CIP City, Country (as per Proforma Invoice)
Airports/Harbor:Origin: Any US or European Airport/Port
Destination: City, Country (as per Proforma Invoice)

Insurance:Paid by Beneficiary
Freight:Paid by Beneficiary
Forwarder:Schenker International Forwarding
Documents:Commercial Invoice: 1 Original, 5 Copies
Packing List: 1 Original, 2 Copies
Air Waybill: 1 Original, 1 Copy
Insurance Policy/Certificate: 1 Original, 1 Copy

Additional Note:

Please make sure the following statement shows on the letter of credit:  “All Bank Charges and related communications, legalization, consular and all handling charges and costs incurred, inside and outside of the applicant’s country, is for and to be charged to the account of the applicant”.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Accounts Receivable at +844.394.2404 x356, by fax at
+1-508-429-0452 or by email: ar@diamonddiagnostics.com

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