XT2000i - Sysmex - Hematology Analyzer
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Sysmex XT2000i

   Hematology Analyzer  


Original instrumentation provided by Sysmex Corporation.
Total number of assays tested: 21.
Diamond Down-To-Frame® refurbishment provided.
Refurbishment includes disassembly and total restoration.
Process continues with assembly, repair, and diagnostics.
Certification concludes with calibration, QC and QA validation.
Contact Diamond for pricing, specifications and availability.

Total assays tested: 21 - Basophils Count (B#), Basophils Percentage (B%)...
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Manufacturer: Sysmex Corporation  
Series: XT  
Number of Assays: 21
CLIA Complexity: Moderate  
Sample Types: CSF, Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma
Maximum Throughput: Inquire Here
Sample Cycle Time: Inquire Here
Sample Size Min: Inquire Here
Sample Size Max: Inquire Here
Direct Sample (STAT): Inquire Here
Auto Sample Handling:Inquire Here
Sample Input Type: Inquire Here
Sample Input Closed Tube:Inquire Here
Patient Sample Capacity: Inquire Here
Optical System:Inquire Here
Optical Source:Inquire Here
Histogram:Inquire Here
Differential:Inquire Here
Test Method: Inquire Here
Reagent Type:Inquire Here
Reagent System:Inquire Here
Reagent Delivery:Inquire Here
Configuration:Inquire Here
Height:Inquire Here
Width:Inquire Here
Depth:Inquire Here
Weight:Inquire Here
Power Supply: Inquire Here
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