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Diagnosis of Blood Disorders with Hematology Analyzers

Quality Control

Quality control analysis is a crucial process in various industries; however, it is even more vital for healthcare, particularly laboratory settings. Among the many tests done, blood gas analysis stands out due to its importance in critical care as well as respiratory management. It is in this context that the significance of internal quality control in laboratory practices becomes noticeable.

When are they useful?

Blood gas analyzers play an important role in this. These machines specifically measure gases and concentrations of various substances in blood samples, mainly arterial blood. The precision of a blood gas analyzer machine is important because the results it provides have direct consequences for patient care decisions. In situations such as respiratory distress, sepsis or cardiac failure, monitoring a blood gas meter can make the difference between life and death.

How they work

Blood gas testing evaluates elements such as pH, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels within the bloodstream. Arterial Blood gas analyzers are best suited for this where they give insights into patients’ metabolic and respiratory states. Nonetheless these findings depend on adequate quality control.
The purpose of having a well-established internal quality control system in the laboratory is to make sure that the Blood gas analyzers work perfectly. It is important to note that regular calibration, maintenance and validation are three things that must be done to achieve this. Furthermore, this will not only ensure accurate blood gas analysis but also give confidence to healthcare providers during diagnosis and treatment.


In conclusion, the crossroad between quality control and blood gas analysis displays the interplay between technology and healthcare precision. However, ensuring that blood gas analyzer machines are faultless through strict quality controls is not only a requirement, but it is also morally right because it helps protect patient’s lives.

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