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Future of Hematology: Trends & Developments to Watch

Hematology is deemed one of the 3 most essential modes of diagnosis of patients, with a specific focus on blood-related diseases. The field and technology are going through a revolutionary transition in the ever-changing world of medical diagnostics. Wide trends and advances are reshaping the future of hematology analysis, with the potential to improve blood test speed, accuracy, and efficiency. As a leading global provider of such systems, Diamond focuses on adding the most revolutionary technology into its portfolio.

The variety and scope of hematological testing is another field that is undergoing rapid advancement. Modern methods that provide more in-depth analysis of blood samples are supplementing, and occasionally replacing, conventional testing. These sophisticated techniques may identify smaller changes and abnormalities in blood cells, which enables earlier illness diagnosis and a more accurate effectiveness of treatment monitoring. Where 20 years ago a hematology device predominantly measured WBC, RBC and PLT, it now measures upwards of 30 parameters including a 6-part WBC differential and reticulocytes. Our portfolio includes systems with the highest parameter count on the market.

Collaborations across fields are also advantageous to the study of hematology. New techniques in blood testing are being developed through intersection with areas such as genetics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics. The capabilities of hematological diagnostics are being further expanded by these overlapping technologies, which are opening the door for the creation of new biomarkers and testing techniques.

It is expected that by 2030, a hematology profile will be the cheapest and fastest blood analysis on the market.

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