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Unity®-Integrated-Electrolyte-System Features

Diamond Unity®

Integrated Electrolyte System

The Diamond Diagnostics Unity Integrated Electrolyte System is a fast and compact ISE module measuring Na+, K+ and Cl- within Serum, Plasma and Diluted Urine utilizing Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) technology. The Diamond Unity® is uniquely designed with a powerful microprocessor and integrated electronics allowing for easy integration into any size Chemistry Analyzer platform.


Featured Benefits

  • Compact Size
  • Flexible Reagent System
  • Long Life Reference
  • Accessible Service Area
  • Fully Visible Pathway
  • Fully Shielded Measurement Chamber
  • Positive Engagement Latching System
  • Horizontal Electrode Orientation

Built-In Modular Sample Cup Option • Accessible Service Area

SampleNumber of ParametersCommunication
Serum or Diluted Urine3 (Simultaneously)RS232 Communication
Data StorageCalibrationAnalysis Time
2000 Patient Results2 Point every 8 hoursSerum: 30 sec (100 per hour)
500 QC Results per level (3)On DemandUrine: 60 sec (50 per hour)
100 Calibrations1 Point after every Measurement
Sample Size
60 - 100 µl Serum
140 - 150 µl Urine

Simple Integration

Unity® Integrated Electrolyte System Custom Parameter OptionsUnity® Integrated Electrolyte System Recirculating Reference ElectrodeUnity® Integrated Electrolyte System Rapid Integration

Custom Parameter OptionsRecirculating Reference ElectrodeRapid Integration

Parameters and Specifications

Serum Na+50-200 mmol/LCV ≤ 1% (120-160 mmol/L)0.1 mmol/L
K+1.5-10.00 mmol/LCV ≤ 2% (2.8-6 mmol/L)0.01 mmol/L
Cl-50-200 mmol/LCV ≤ 2% (80-120 mmol/L)0.1 mmol/L
Urine Na+20-500 mmol/LCV ≤ 5% (60-280 mmol/L)1.0 mmol/L
K+5-300 mmol/L* CV ≤ 5% (30-170 mmol/L)1.0 mmol/L
Cl-10-500 mmol/L CV ≤ 5% (80-230 mmol/L)1.0 mmol/L
*(60-120) requires additional dilution

PowerSize & WeightAmbient Conditions
12VDC, 2.0A92 mm (H) x 134 mm (W) x 46 mm (D)Room temperature:
(self adjusting)or 335 x 315 x 295 mm15-32°C/60-90°F
3.70” (H) x 5.27” (W) x 1.81” (D)Humidity <85%


Unity Integrated Electrolyte System brochure

Brochure | Diamond Unity® Integrated Electrolyte System
Brochure | Diamond Unity® 集成电解质模块
Brochure | Diamond Unity® Sistema de Electrolito Integrado
Brochure | Diamond Unity® 전해질 분석기 통합 모듈

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