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The Prolyte® Electrolyte Analyzer

Diamond Prolyte®

The World’s Most popular Electrolyte Analyzer

The Diamond Diagnostics ProLyte® Electrolyte Analyzer is a completely automated system measuring Na+, K+, Li+ and Cl- in whole blood, serum, plasma and urine utilizing Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) technology. The Diamond ProLyte® was uniquely designed with the user in mind. With the 4” touch screen display or USB keyboard, easily navigate menus, search patient results, run on-screen diagnostics and access data remotely.


Featured Benefits

  • 45 Second Analysis
  • 240 Tests/Hour
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Remote Access
  • Online Service Interface
  • 50,000+ Results Stored

“Economical, Accurate and Easy to Maintain. Perfect for any size Lab.” 
 ~ Y. Patel, Pathologist

Analysis TimeSupportConnectivity
45 sec (240/hour)Online Service InterfaceLAN, Wifi, 4 USB ports, RS232, LIS
User InputCalibrationSample Size
4” Touch Screen2 Point every 4 hoursWhole Blood, Serum (100 µl)
External Keyboard1 Point every samplePlasma, QCs (100 µl)
Remote AccessOn DemandUrine (350 µl)
Number of ParametersData Storage
Na+ K+ Cl- L+10,000+ Patient Results
4 Total / 3 (Simultaneously)20,000+ QC Results per Level
English, 中文, Español,日本語, 한국어, Português,
Français, Deutsch,Polskie, Русский, Türkçe
Indonesia, Italian, 日本語,

User Friendly Navigation

Prolyte® Electrolyte Analyzer with OnScreen DiagnosticsProlyte® Electrolyte Analyzer with Onscreen KeyboardProlyte® Electrolyte Analyzer Simple Search FunctionProlyte® Electrolyte Analyzer Simple Search Function

Easy Access to Data/ResultsOne Touch CalibrationSimple Search FunctionOnscreen System Diagnostics

Parameters and Specifications

Na +45-205 mmol/LCV ≤ 1% (120-160mmol/L)0.01 mmol/L
K +1.5-15 mmol/LCV ≤ 1.5% (2.5-6 mmol/L)0.01 mmol/L
Cl -45-205 mmol/L CV ≤ 1% (85-130 mmol/L)0.01 mmol/L
Li +0.15-5.00 mmol/L SD ≤ 0.03 mmol/L (0.4-1.3 mmol/L)0.001 mmol/L
Urine** Na +30-1020 mmol/L CV ≤ 5% (100-250 mmol/L)0.01 mmol/L
K +20-505 mmol/L*** CV ≤ 5% (10-60 mmol/L)0.01 mmol/L
Cl -25-505 mmol/L CV ≤ 5% (100-250 mmol/L)0.01 mmol/L
*Typical Within Run (n=30) Blood, Serum, Plasma
**Lithium are not typically measured in urine samples
***(60-120) requires additional dilution

PowerSize & WeightAmbient Conditions
100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz9.5” (24cm) W x 16.5” (42cm)Room temperature:
(self adjusting)14 lbs or 6 kgs15-32°C/60-90°F
1.6 A max, 50 Watts max Humidity <85%


Diamond Diagnostics Prolyte® Brochure

Brochure | Diamond Prolyte® Electrolyte Analyzer
Brochure | Diamond Prolyte® 的電解質分析儀
Brochure | Diamond Prolyte® Analizador de Electrolitos
Brochure | Diamond Prolyte® Elektrolyt-Analysator
Brochure | Diamond Prolyte® L'Analyseur d'Électrolyte
Brochure | Diamond Prolyte® 기있는 전해질 분석기
Brochure | Diamond Prolyte® Analisador de Eletrólitos
Brochure | Diamond Prolyte® анализатор электролитов

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