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Consumables - Beckman AU Series

Diamond Diagnostics is the pioneer and clear global leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality, cost-effective alternative consumables for .

High Quality Alternative
Direct, Drop-in Replacement Products
2-3 Years Expiration on all Reagents
FDA 510k Cleared, ISO Certified, CE Marked
Bulk and OEM Options Available


 FDA 510k Cleared, ISO Certified, CE Marked

Reagents & Controls
Diamond No.Product DescriptionModelsUOMPrice
OY-AUH1011DISE BufferAll Models4X2000ML
OY-AUH1012DISE Mid Standard SolutionAll Models4X2000ML
OY-AUH1013DISE Reference SolutionAll Models4X1000ML
OY-AUH1014DISE Low Serum StandardAll Models4X100ML
OY-AUH1015DISE High Serum StandardAll Models4X100ML
OY-AUH1016DISE Urine Standard High/LowAll Models4X100ML
OY-AUH1017DISE Internal Reference SolutionAll Models2X25ML
OY-AUH1018DISE Na/K Selectivity Check SolutionAll Models2X25ML
OY-AUH1019DISE Cleaning SolutionAll Models4X100ML
OY-OSR0001DWash SolutionAll Models6X2L

Electrodes & Accessories
Diamond No.Product DescriptionModelsUOMPrice
OY-MU9888DPhotometer LampAU400-680EA
OY-ZM0635DHalogen LampAU800-5400EA
OY-MU9599DMixer Paddle, SpiralAll ModelsPK-3
OY-MU8267DMixer Paddle, LAU 480,680,2700,5400PK-3
OY-MU9934DSample ProbeAU400-680EA
OY-MU9958DReagent ProbeAll ModelsEA
OY-MU9623DPump TubingAll ModelsPK-2
OY-ZM2970DISE Pinch Valve TubingAll ModelsEA

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∞ Pricing subject to change without notice. Minimum order is $50.

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ISO 9001:2015 (US)
ISO 9001:2015 (EU)
ISO 13485:2016 (US)
ISO 13485:2016 (EU)

Diamond Diagnostics Inc. is registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration as an Initial Importer Manufacturer and Contract Manufacturer. Establishment registration and device listing can be found under ID: 3003030793.

Diamond has been registered with the Food and Drug Administration since 2001 and regulated by its cGMP system requirements.

All products manufactured by Diamond carry the necessary FDA clearance and comply to the European Union IVD Directive. Every department and function in our company is standardized, controlled and routinely audited.

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