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Diamond Diagnostics is the pioneer and clear global leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality, cost-effective alternative consumables for Diamond.

Manufactured in the USA
FDA 510k Cleared, UL Certified & CE Marked
Feline, Canine, Bovine, Equine, Swine, Ovine Samples
Tests for Na, K, Cl, Ca, and Li
Menu in 11 Languages
Bar Code and LIS Compatible Functionality

FDA ISO CE FDA 510k Cleared, ISO Certified, CE Marked

Reagents & Controls
  Diamond No.  Product Description  
  AV-BP5186D  Fluid Pack
  AV-BP0380D  Electrode Conditioning Solution
  AV-BP1025D  ISE Cleaning Solution
  AV-BP0521D  Deproteinizer Solution
  AV-BP0344D  Urine Diluent
  DD-92001  Mission Control Level 1
  DD-92002  Mission Control Level 2
  DD-92003  Mission Control Level 3
  DD-92123  Mission Control Level 1-2-3
  DD-92900  Mission Complete Linearity Control
Electrodes & Accessories
  Diamond No.  Product Description  
  AV-BP0413D  Na+ Electrode
  AV-BP0359D  K+ Electrode
  AV-BP0360D  Ca++ Electrode
  AV-BP0570D  Cl- Electrode
  AV-BP0962D  Li+ Electrode
  AV-BP5026D  Reference Electrode
  AV-BP5019D  Reference Electrode Housing
  AV-BP5025D  Printer Paper
  AV-BP5027D  Peristaltic Pump Tubing
  AV-BP5036D  Sample Sensor, Smartlyte
  AV-BP5193D  Pinch Valve Tubing Kit
  AV-BP5006D  Sample Probe

∞ For further information contact Customer Service - CS@diamonddiagnostics.com or call (508) 429-0450.
∞ Pricing subject to change without notice. Minimum order is $50.

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