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Technoclone Ceveron Alpha Coagulation Analyzer
The Technoclone Ceveron Alpha supported by Technoclone GmbH is not routinely available from Diamond Diagnostics so please inquire. As you consider purchasing a refurbished instrument from Diamond, rest assured that every instrument that flows through our production facility is disassembled down to-the-frame then thoroughly cleaned, polished and refinished with a durable 3 part industrial paint that matches the instruments original color and sheen. During re-assembly components are validated, repaired or replaced as needed followed by full diagnostics, calibration and running controls as a final step. Afterward the instruments are inspected and prepared for international transit. Should you wish to receive more information on the Technoclone Ceveron Alpha Coagulation Analyzer such as pricing, detailed specifications and availability go to Analyzer Search.
Technoclone Ceveron Alpha
  Manufacturer:   Technoclone GmbH
  Type   Coagulation Analyzer
  Open system:  
  W x D x H: