Instrument Service Options

Instrument Service Options

Diamond Diagnostics is pleased to offer laboratories in the United States, Canada and the European Union several service options to make the acquisition of refurbished instrumentation seamless and cost-effective. We provide our customers and prospective customers with the following options:

All units sold by Diamond Diagnostics require an installation by Diamond Diagnostics personnel. Installation includes structural review, power connection and commission, routine diagnostics and alignment, calibration and quality control verification. Following this a brief overview is conducted to include a general review of menu structure, power on/off, instruction to run samples and quality controls, installation of a reagent and a physical orientation of instrument.

For the customer that desires training with more content, Diamond offers on-site training sessions which supplement and follow the Installation. The session will include a Full Instrument Orientation, Full Menu Orientation, Instruction on adding parameters, sequential testing, preventive maintenance and operator level service troubleshooting.  Training will include a 1 hour open question/answer session to gain familiarity to topics not yet covered.

Assay Programming
While many reagent suppliers are able to provide reagent application services, Diamond offers services to assist with programming assays beyond the assays programmed and verified during installation. Diamond is able to program the system, install reagents, perform calibration and perform quality control in multi-levels for Chemistry, Coagulation and Immunology Assays.

Virtual Support
Diamond offers its customers technical support by email and telephone. Communication is offered directly with Clinical Engineering staff specialized in the model of instrumentation that the laboratory is utilizing. Intervals of 30 days, 90 days and annual are available.

Field Service
Coming Soon